What Does Silver Lining Come From: How To Find the Silver Lining

Life gives us challenges that can make us sad. Breakups, losing a job, or even breaking your favorite coffee cup can make you upset, angry, and painful. Please remember that tragic events and circumstances are also a silver lining.

 A silver lining symbolizes hope and positivity in a negative situation. According to Dictionary.com, the phrase "silver lining" comes from a proverb about how a cloud looks like it has a silver edge even when it's dark. Even when things are negative or cloudy, the sun will shine again, and you will feel positive. 

 Finding a silver lining when you are in a sad situation is a part of optimism. Studies published in the International Journal of Wellbeing and other reviews show the benefits of being optimistic and finding a silver lining, including:

  • Positive Emotional Wellbeing
  • Good Overall Health
  • Lower Mortality (Death) Rate
  • Higher Pain Tolerance in Cancer Patients
  • Healthier Aging
  • Being Able to Adapt to Stressful Life Events
  • Decreased Levels of Depression
  • Improved Career Outcomes


Finding a silver lining allows you to work through sadness and move forward with your life. Here are some tips for finding a silver lining:


Practice Compassion

Everyone has challenges and sadness. It's hard to focus on your sadness when you are busy helping someone else who is in a worse situation than you are. Helping someone with hardships reminds you that you are not alone, and there is a silver lining. Volunteering is an excellent way to practice compassion. You could try helping at the local food bank, answering a hotline, or tutoring children after school.


Don't Tell Yourself Negative Stories

Having a plan and being prepared to face challenges is necessary for success. But when you're sad, don't tell yourself stories or dwell on the worst thing that could happen. A negative report can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell yourself that you can't overcome something, you will miss the silver lining and an opportunity to learn and grow.


Look Forward

Do you remember family events or holidays like Thanksgiving? The COVID pandemic made many people sad because they missed seeing their family and friends. As the world opened back up, think about how much sweeter the reunions were. Having something to look forward to goes a long way toward making you feel less sad.


 Find A Positive Role Model

Negative people do not attack positive people. Instead, they often make everyone around them feel negative and sad. Find good role models and people to spend time with who is upbeat, positive, and happy. Good role models can help you manage sadness and stay optimistic. 


 Use Affirmations

Affirmations are positive sayings about you and your life. You can write an affirmation and place it in your car, a child's lunchbox, or inside a book. Some people put them in their bathroom mirror so they see them first thing in the morning. Affirmations remind you that the sun will shine again, and there is a silver lining.


 Practice Self-Care

When you're sad, it's easy to be too hard on yourself. You may feel stressed over something you did or didn't do and how a situation turned out. Practicing self-care allows you time to process your emotions and prepare to move forward. A cup of hot chocolate, extra sleep, or a warm bath are ways to practice self-care. 


 Take Care of Your Body

Feeling physically run down, sick, and tired can increase your sadness in a negative situation. According to Marque Medical, prolonged sadness and negative thinking can cause physical symptoms like headaches, stomach upset, sleep problems, and disruptions in your eating habits. The healthier you are, determines how easy it will be to find a silver lining. 

 Commitment to a healthy diet and plenty of exercises can help you feel better and find a silver lining when you are sad.

 Remember, sadness is a normal human emotion. By finding a silver lining and being optimistic, you can continue to reach success.



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