What Can You Do If You’re Stumbling Through Life?


First, think about what makes a person decide to stay down after a fall. Or, to put it another way, why do people give up on their hopes and dreams?

Even though there are times when you can’t get up and be successful, those times are rare.

Extreme situations like a crash in the stock market, a natural disaster, or a severe illness are not the main reasons people choose to stay down.

Studies found that people don’t get back up when they fall because they have rigid, self-limiting beliefs.


A fixed mindset has the following traits:

• Belief that a person’s skills are set at birth

• Stay away from trouble

• Don’t fail.

• They don’t learn or grow.


People with a fixed mindset think they are who they are and can’t change.
They think that their intelligence, skills, and place in life are all set when they are born. They don’t think life will bring them anything vital because they don’t think they have the skills and abilities to change and get better.

People who have a fixed mindset avoid challenges, so they don’t fail.
Failure shows them what they don’t have, so they won’t take risks where they might lose. Because of shame, low self-esteem, and a willingness to accept defeat, they don’t set bigger goals for their lives than what they think they can do.

With this kind of attitude, there’s no reason to try to learn and grow.
People who have a fixed mindset don’t think they can learn new skills or get better at what they already know. They don’t get back up when they fail if they’ve even tried to do anything. People who have a growth mindset are open to new things that could happen in their lives.


A growth mindset has the following traits:

• Belief that hard work and learning make talents grow

• Belief that you can master new skills

• Willing to put in an effort

• Mistakes and failures are good ways to learn.


People with a growth mindset think that they can get better at what they do now by working hard, learning new things, and growing as a person.
They think that if they work hard, they can learn the skills they need to reach their goals. They work hard and put in a lot of effort to get better.

With a growth mindset, mistakes and failures are seen as learning chances.
They don’t feel bad when they mess up in life because they always learn something from it. They use failures as chances to get back up, get better, and learn the skills they need to reach their goals.

When you make a mistake in life, you can choose to have a growth mindset by being resilient and determined. Resilience means being able to get up quickly and change your mind. Resilience lets you bounce back and be ready to try again, like a rubber band. With a growth mindset and a strong will, you can figure out why you failed and take steps to fix the problem without thinking you’re a failure or can’t reach your goal.

Determination helps you keep your mind on what you want to do in life.
If you are determined, you won’t let life’s problems and challenges stop you from learning, growing, and succeeding. The way you see things depends on how determined you are, and a growth mindset lets you believe you can reach your goals.

You can have either a fixed or a growth mindset when you make a mistake.

Ready to get back on your feet?
Which do you pick?



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